How to Order Wholesale Flowers Online

Many people are fortunate enough to have a quality wholesale florist within driving distance of their home or business. If you do not, there is still a way that you can take advantage of the low price and fine quality of wholesale john lewis flowers.

There are many Web sites that offer wholesale flowers for sale. While some of these are great, it is important to realize that they are not all created equal. Many people have been disappointed with their online purchase of flowers.

Below are some things to keep in mind when ordering wholesale flowers online.

Shop Around

If you were buying something from a retail provider, you would most likely shop around for the best product for the best price. You should do the same when dealing with wholesale flowers. Not every online wholesaler is the same.

Check several sites to be sure that you are getting the best selection and the best prices. In addition to the price on the flowers, look for extra deals such as free or reduced priced shipping.

Ethical Concerns

Many people have ethical concerns about where the flowers that they buy come from and how those who grow them are treated. If a wholesaler purchases his flowers from an ethical source, he will almost always make note of that on his Web page.

Look for the words “Fair Flowers”, “Fairtrade” or “Ethically Sourced” to know that you are buying wholesale flowers that meet your standards.

Are They Members?

While being a member of a floral association does not guarantee a quality product, it does increase the chances. Those who are member of various floral associations or consumer protection groups must agree to abide by higher standards that a florist that is not a member of such groups.

Again, it is not a guarantee, just another layer of protection.

Do a Test Run

If you are looking for a wholesaler to provide flowers to you on a regular basis or if you are planning to make a large purchase for an event, such as a wedding, it is a good idea to do a test run of sorts first.

Placing a smaller order from an online wholesaler that you are considering using allows you to see how the ordering process works and, more importantly, it allows you see in what condition the flowers arrive.

Ordering wholesale flowers online does not have to be a high risk proposition. Just take the time to shop around and do a little research and you will be more likely to have a pleasant experience ordering your flowers online.